Thursday, January 7, 2010

Marathon Running

I started running marathons and found it to be quite the thrill. Before I started my training i weighed 210 lbs. and could not run for my life. I was the common fast food man :) always out for a quick fix of McDonalds or whatever I was feeling at that time. Delicious. Prior to my inclination of wanting to run marathons, I was pretty active doing other sports and just doing activities with friends. We would hit up the near by park and play some football or some catch. We would let our dogs run loose in the park and have them chase us; it was unexpected exercise and I was having fun. My cousin decided to sign up for the Honolulu marathon and brought up that I should do it with him. I never thought much about it until i saw his results. He had lost 15lbs in a matter of weeks by sheer hard work and determination. I was inspired. That's when i decided to get my act together and actually focus on training. 3 months in i lost 60 lbs and was ready to run. I finished the Honolulu marathon in 5 hours. For my first marathon i'd like to think thats not too bad. Lot's of fun. I plan on staying in shape and hopefully getting more mileage in. Great experience!

Los Angeles Marathon Update (Track Course)


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